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Julia's Tribute  

 If Julia was a color she couldn’t have been just a single shade. She lit up ever room that she walked into and was the loudest person in the room. Her personality bubbled over into the hearts of everyone who knew her. She was rebellious, and yet innocent at the same time. She truly saw the very best in anyone she met and forgave the people who hurt her the most without thinking twice. She was eighteen years old when her life was cut short. She wanted to be loved. Now even after she is gone her color shines on. In the hearts of people who know how she feels and in the people who knew her best. To be lucky enough to have been one of those people I will forever hold the rainbow that Julia was in my heart. She was a victim of Human Trafficking that costed her life. Let my family's tragedy be someone else's lesson. 

- Gwen W.

Our Team

Our amazing team and volunteers are committed to helping others experience freedom and a new beginning. We take our convictions and turn them into action.


To provide a safe place where the chains of bondage can be broken for individuals that have been trafficked for commercial sex. Safe places that provide a culture of healing to help restore dignity and emotional freedom....laying a solid foundation for a new beginning.


 We exist to impact lives by raising public awareness of the national and global crisis of human trafficking, provide training and/or support for the teams that aide in the rescue of individuals being trafficked for commercial sex. Through partnerships with other organizations help refer the victims to programs that work to restore dignity, emotional freedom, and chemical freedom through various aftercare programs for the victims. Additionally, work with communities to assist in creating additional recovery programs specific to the challenges that these victims face in their recovery.

Meet The Board

Breaking the Chains of Human Trafficking

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