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Our Projects 

Below you will find projects we are in the process of working on. 



Gift Bags for the Deputies 

We are currently putting together gift bags for our local deputies. Showing we appreciate the safety they provide.


Lunch for the Child Advocacy Center 

We are currently setting dates to bring lunch to our local child advocacy center to thank them for the hard work they do. 



Julia's Closet 

This project is near and dear to us. We are in the process of setting up closets in places that are frequented by victims of Human Trafficking. Such as hospitals, police stations, and treatment centers. If you have a space you think a Julia's closet would be a good addition, we would love to hear from you. 


Survivor Safe Haven 

We are on a mission to build a safe haven for survivors to get back on their feet. Where they can comfortably receive treatment and education in order to start over. 


Breaking the Chains of Human Trafficking

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